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Over 20 Years of Experience

For more than 20 years, the professionals at Aldredge & Co. have been shepherding companies and business owners through the mergers and acquisitions process.  In doing so, our firm has become nationally recognized by the investment banking community as the industry leader in middle-market M&A, and indeed in all of investment banking.  Our work with one Tennessee company, which had integrated operations for therapy, home health, hospice and facilities, in particular, was recognized by the finance community as the best piece of investment banking work in the United States.   

And We've Gotten Some Attention

The awards have continued.  Aldredge & Co. has also been chosen as the #1 health care investment banking firm within the country.  Another one of our deals was chosen as one of the top five transactions in the country. We have continued to receive awards for our work in therapy, as well as in non-health care sectors. 

Driven By Our Values & Strong Work Ethic

Aldredge & Co. believes that the key to its success continues to be its focus on old-fashioned customer service, with our mission defined by our values and our work ethic. We see investment banking as an industry based on personal relationships and personal service, and we are called to provide absolutely the best service possible to our clients. Aldredge & Co. believes its track record speaks for itself. 

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Financial Consulting

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Industry Expertise

Home Health/Care & Hospice

 A&C has sold, reviewed, or analyzed more than 80 transactions in the home health and related industries.  Our home health clients include some of the most respected firms in health care.  Current or former clients in home health include a top 25 hospital system, a national buyer of home health assets, a national home health organization, and various independent home health agencies.  

Physical Therapy & Related

 A&C has advised, reviewed, or analyzed more than 40 transactions in the contract rehab therapy sector of health care.  We have worked with both independent and facility-based contract therapy rehab providers.  Within this effort, we have also worked on a substantial number of therapy clinic operations. Our understanding of the healthcare industry goes even further with expertise in the Physical Therapy sectors. 

Psych Therapy

With over 20 transactions in the contract psych therapy sector of health care, we have gained expertise within the psych therapy industry.   As part of this effort, we have worked with firms providing psych care in many different settings. 


 Because of the markets we serve, Aldredge & Co. works with clients in the staffing and affiliated technology industries.  The dynamics and the value drivers in these fields are very similar to those in the healthcare services field.  Our approach to staffing operations, as with every client, centers on customer service and value-added efforts in every stage of the transaction.  

Medical Products

In serving firms within this arena, we apply the processes, the same commitment to customer service and the same attention to detail, as we do with our award winning work in the home health and healthcare facilities industries.

With our expertise in the mergers, acquisitions and financing of medical products, our work has extended across borders, from the United States into Germany and Europe.

Retail & Food Industry

Our expertise in this industry  involves a strong understanding of franchised restaurant operations, and our work has spanned the full gamut of restaurant concepts- from QSR firms to upscale fine dining operations.  As with our other areas of expertise, we bring to bear our background in law, accounting, finance and our specialized knowledge in franchise M&A and financing, when we serve our clients.  

Award Winning Efforts

#1 In Healthcare


A&C is recognized as the leader in the investment banking community for its work in certain niche sectors of the economy, including health care. The awards we have received only highlight the effort and energy we bring to every transaction. We have been picked as the #1 Investment Banking firm in health care, because of our reputation for obtaining outstanding results for our clients. 

#1 Deal

Our work with one Tennessee company highlights this expertise. This firm, which had integrated therapy, home health, hospice and facilities operations, was recognized by the finance community as the best piece of investment banking work in the United States. This transaction was one of the most complex transactions to have ever been closed. The results we received for our client, the owner of this company, far exceeded any industry average. 

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