About Us

Over 20 Years of Experience

 For more than 20 years, the professionals at Aldredge & Co. have been shepherding companies and business owners through the mergers and acquisitions process.  In doing so, our firm has become nationally recognized by the investment banking community as the industry leader in middle-market M&A, and indeed in all of investment banking.  Our work with one Tennessee company, which had integrated operations for therapy, home health, hospice and facilities, in particular, was recognized by the finance community as the best piece of investment banking work in the United States.    

And We've Gotten Some Attention

The awards have continued.  Aldredge & Co. has also been chosen as the #1 health care investment banking firm within the country.  Another of our deals was chosen as one of the top five transactions in the country. We have continued to receive awards for our work in therapy, as well as in non-health care sectors.  

Driven By Our Values & Strong Work Ethic

Aldredge & Co. believes that the key to its success continues to be its focus on old-fashioned customer service, with our mission defined by our values and our work ethic. We see investment banking as an industry based on personal relationships and personal service, and we are called to provide absolutely the best service possible to our clients. Aldredge & Co. believes its track record speaks for itself.